Moroccan Beauty Secret

Discover Argan Oil - The Modern Day Elixir Of Youth


What Is Argan Oil?  

It is quite simply the greatest discovery in the beauty and personal care field in decades. This light golden vegetable oil has been hand produced by the Berber tribes in South Western Morocco for centuries. Village cooperatives, run by the womenfolk, harvest the Argan nut each July and August and hand extract the oil in small village or family groups. Once picked, the nuts are then hand cracked by holding the nut against a stone and striking it with a small hammer. This is the only way to safely crack the nut whilst retaining the inner kernel from which the oil is produced.

Introducing the Many Argan Oil Uses  

Argan oil, or Moroccan Oil as it is sometimes called, was introduced to the western world after international flight became affordable to the masses, and people started looking for exotic places to visit for their vacations. Way off the beaten track, in the southwestern corner of Morocco, adventuresome tourists discovered small cooperatives of Berber tribe’s women producing a light, golden colored oil which they claimed would guarantee beauty health and long life.

A few decades later, this wonder oil is now readily available throughout the west. A multitude of cosmetic manufacturers now incorporate Argan Oil in their products; everything from moisturizer to shampoo, and a myriad of others in between. But what is the truth? Is it all hype or just slick marketing? Just how wonderful is Argan Oil?

The answer is that Argan Oil uses are truly many and varied:

Hair Care  

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Face care   

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Skin Care  

Hand & Nail Care  

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 Health Benefits  


But is Argan Oil really this wonderful?  

Scientists have only just begun to scratch the surface of our understanding of the beneficial effects of Argan Oil. In the video below, a doctor explains some of the recent research showing the potential for life changing treatments for cancers and heart disease. This really does have the potential to become a wonder treatment.

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